Run pay-per-click & digital advertising campaigns for your clients

Digital advertising is key to gaining the attention of today’s consumers and driving sales. With Surfline Media, you can create, manage, and monitor online advertising for your local business clients. 
Select an automated solution from Surfline Media Marketplace or have Surfline Media Marketing Services do the heavy lifting for you. Your clients will get found online—and the credit’s all yours.
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Everything a local business needs to succeed in PPC & digital advertising

Featured products and services:

Advertising Intelligence

Ad Builder
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Automated Advertising

Spectrio Digital Signage

Track clients’ campaigns from a single location

Bring all of your clients’ PPC and digital advertising campaigns together in one place for easy tracking and comparison. From impressions, clicks, CTR, and other key metrics, you can make sure your clients’ campaigns are operating at their full potential and constantly proving ROI

It’s easy to launch and track numerous campaigns with Surfline Media, so check out Advertising Intelligence today.


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Let the software do it for you with automation

You don’t have to do all the work in the modern world of digital advertising: AI-powered solutions like Automated Advertising let you run powerful campaigns with your software doing the bulk of the work.

Connected to Google Search, GDN, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and thousands of other sources, Automated Advertising is a great way to let technology grow your digital advertising offering. FInd out how it works.


Provide high-quality digital banners and in-store signage

Use products like Ad Builder and Spectrio Digital Signage to create first-rate visual advertising online—even without designers and web developers on staff.

Local businesses benefit greatly from professional-looking banners and signage and suffer from poorly made visual ads. These Marketplace products are an excellent way to help your clients look their best online.
Ad Builder lets you provide your clients with eye-catching and engaging HTML banners, a great way to get them found online and improve their brand. With Spectrio Digital Signage, you can help your clients display crisp, clear in-store signage like menus, promotions, and more
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Be a magnet for PPC and digital ads

Use White-Label Advertising Services

You can also utilize Vendasta’s in-house Digital Advertising Services team to fulfill PPC and digital ads. Our team features talented advertising professionals and has a proven track record of getting our partners’ clients found and selling online.

Let our advertising services team run your clients’ campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. We also offer additional services like landing page creation and call tracking. You’ll love the results.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a form of digital advertising in which the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on one of their ads. It’s the modern way to track campaign efficiency and scale your advertising efforts. With impressions and conversions directly related to ad engagement, PPC can become an integral part of proving ROI and retaining clients’ ad spend.

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Banner Advertising

How do digital ads help local businesses?

Digital ads help local businesses drive traffic, grow ROI, target the right customers, measure performance, and run smarter ad campaigns.

The affordability of digital advertising means that local businesses can compete with larger chains and franchises. Not every business can afford prime-time TV advertising, but for a fraction of the cost, you can have your business appear at the top of Google search results or build a strong social media following.

Businesses also have the power to use precise targeting to reach their ideal audience. Ads can be directed to certain demographics, consumers searching for a specific solution, your competitors’ customers, and more! Digital ads target these consumers where it matters most—in the places where they can actually engage with the business.

In addition to the cost and targeting benefits, online advertising allows you to monitor campaign performance in real-time. It’s easy to see how many people your clients have reached with their ads, and how many have chosen to engage with them. With ad performance right in front of you, you can instantly determine what is and isn’t working and make improvements until you’re happy with the results.

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How can I help my local business clients with digital advertising?

Surfline Media’s Marketplace offers a variety of resalable advertising products to help you create, manage, and monitor digital advertising campaigns for all of your clients.

You get to decide how much of the work you want to do. Run your own ads and use Advertising Intelligence for reporting, ‘set it and forget it’ with automated Google Ads, or leave it in the hands of Surfline Media’s in-house digital advertising specialists. You can even choose to grey or white label your advertising efforts, making you the digital advertising hero your clients need.

Resellable digital advertising software and services for my local business clients

PPC & Digital Ads: Part of the Surfline Media Marketplace

With Surfline Media’s Marketplace products, you can help your clients run and manage their digital ads and provide white-labeled reporting. You can drive traffic into your clients’ businesses and run smarter, more effective campaigns without the time or budget commitments that come with doing it all yourself.