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Grow your prospects

Sell your products globally all from one location. Local businesses no longer need to rely solely on local customers. With ecommerce, a business is accessible globally, offering your clients the chance to sell nationally, internationally, or to local regulars who can’t make it into the store today.

Visitors to a website are often there to make a purchase, in fact, the Local Search Association states that 27% of consumers turn directly to the business’s website with intent to purchase products.
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Never miss a sale

Whether your clients are taking appointments or selling physical goods, make sure they never miss a sale with e-commerce solutions on their website. As soon as their website is online, they’re open for orders no matter what day of the week or time of day.

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Bolster your current offering

Adapting to ecommerce doesn’t mean you have to give up what’s already working for your clients, instead, treat it as a way to expand your client’s in-store offering.

Ecommerce is expanding, and it’s expected to make up 17.5% of retail sales worldwide by 2021, with 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020, making now the perfect time for local businesses to adapt and meet the online expectations consumers have in the digital age.

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What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce offers the tools local businesses need to compete in the digital age with a fully operational online store. Online shopping experiences are essential to capturing revenue for local businesses, allowing them to expand their customer list past the physical borders of their store walls—all while challenging the grip large retailers and box stores have on their market and industry.

Businesses all over the globe are making the move to online with ecommerce websites. With Surfline Media resalable white-label ecommerce software, your clients can be online with their own ecommerce website, discovering new channels of revenue to support their brick-and-mortar store or to start their very own online business.

Importance of ecommerce

The world is becoming a much more connected place—all thanks to the accessibility the internet offers. But what does that mean for local businesses? According to Statista’s data in the fourth quarter of 2019 ecommerce amounted to 158 billion dollars in the U.S alone. With data like that, it’s easy to see the value ecommerce could introduce to small and medium businesses.

No matter the industry, ecommerce can offer the tools local businesses need to compete in the digital landscape. From photographers and book stores to daycare and hairdressers, there’s no limitation to the benefits ecommerce provides.

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How do I help my local business clients with ecommerce?

Enable local businesses with a 24/7 online sales portal, allowing them to sell no matter the time of day—or location of the shopper. With ecommerce becoming an accessible service that small and medium businesses can offer, local businesses are ready to make the step. The Vendasta Marketplace allows them to compete with box stores and chain retailers.

Partner white-label ecommerce solutions alongside a brand new website with Vendasta’s Marketing Services team to make sure your clients are operating as effectively as possible in the digital age, or introduce ecommerce features such as PayPal, Stripe, and credit card payments onto a pre-existing site.

Ecommerce software and services for my local business clients

Ecommerce software you need to help your local business clients

With white label ecommerce software solutions and the Surfline Media Marketing Services team, your clients can be ready to increase their income with new channels of online revenue and a 24/7 online storefront.

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Ecommerce website fulfillment: White-label Marketing Services

With Marketing Services, your clients will have their
e-commerce websites designed, built, and hosted quickly and efficiently all under your brand.

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